Saturday, 28 June 2008

Wood sheds of Europe.

This one courtesy of Niel from Wales. Takes no.1 spot. Be a shame to burn it really, its a work of art. And all done with a wee bow saw and a croquet mallet. Amazing!!

Not the best pic as I could'nt be bothered walking around for a close up. Different method again, the stacker nails four uprights to the base of a pallet and builds them up like that.
Fine if you have access to a forklift or pallet truck.

The one above was at the rear of a hotel in Austria, I'm such a geek you know. While everyone was admiring the Alps I was drooling over this woodstore. I'm going to put myself in a home for woodstore geeks.

This one was in a wee village near Lake Garda

This is mine, there are much more in since this pic was taken. Must tidy up the yard this weekend. I'm not back at work until Tuesday so hope to get a few projects under way this weekend, including the chicken run.


Mungo said...

Don't forget the Leaning Woodshed of Piza, the Woodshed Tower in Paris, the Taj Woodshed, and the White Woodshed in Washington. You must add these photos to your collection. ;-)

Are there different stacking techniques that you can use - for example if the wood is green, or more seasoned etc...?



Gordon Mills said...

Very funny Mungo...;-)
I think the most important thing when stacking is that it does'nt fall down, and also that you leave room for air to circlulate between each face.
Cheers, Gordon.