Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Another big fish.

This is my grandson Josh with a fish of about 6lb. I've already carefully removed the hook and encouraging him to hold it for a pic. Not the happiest looking fellow but he'll get used to it.

I know, I know, I look terrible. I'd had a few beers, hot, hot chilli chicken and been eaten alive by MIDGES, thats the Scottish equivelant of mosquito's. It was half past ten, pissing with rain and blowing an absolute hooligan of a gale. I was just about to reel in my baits for the night when this lovely lady picked up a small dead trout with my debarbed hooks concealed on its flank

Playing a big pike in the dark is awesome because you dont know where it is. It could be fifty yards away or five, very nerve racking. After several attempts by my grandson Josh, he finally got the net under her and by torchlight, I carefully removed the hooks. She weighed in at 17lb 12 oz. Josh needs some lessons in photography but fortunately my mate Barry took some pics as well. He's going to email them when he has time. He also took some pics of Loch Oich and the surrounding scenery so I'll post them later.

Loch Oich with Chrissie 11 and Barry's rods, barbecue, firewood etc.
Please note that however untidy we are at camp, when we leave, we only leave flattened grass. The only thing we take away is pictures, memories, and our rubbish.

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