Monday, 22 October 2007

Big fish.

I was fishing at the weekend at a wee loch near Glasgow with a good friend and mentor Ricky Macintyre. Ricky has an inovative style of fishing that involves more than simply chucking out baits or dragging a couple of lures aimlessly around.
This specimen weighed in at 23lbs 4 oz and was fooled by a red herring fished in such a manner that it must have looked like an injured or sick prey fish.
She, I know she was a she because for one thing males do'nt grow this size, and also because I was covered in caviar.
This big lass was carefully returned and swam off with no problems.
I find it a wee bit difficult to smile for the camera because I,m never happy till the fish is safely returned.
That night when I got home I had to celebrate alone because Sandra was working. Scoffed a litre of cheap and cheerful French Country Red from Spar then hit the sack
. When Sandra came into the bedroom on the Sunday morning and woke me she said I was smiling in my sleep.
Must have been dreaming about my "affair" the previous day ;-)

Monday, 8 October 2007

Plot empty, freezer full.

Everything harvested, earth rotovated with half a ton of cowshit. I also have a 250 litre compost box that I,ll spread over it in the early part of the new year. I reckon next year will be even better. Dwarf runner beans under cloche in March, along with a few Swedes, leeks, loads of onions and shallots. Salad stuff, lettuce, spring onions, radishes, cant wait but I,ll have to, roll on the spring.
Painting the white exterior of the cottage just now. Its pebbledashed so will need aprox 30 litres of masonry paint. The landlord asked me to do it and is going to pay me for my time. Its a good wee homer because I can do it when I feel like doing it. No rush.