Friday, 19 June 2009

I've been having lots of fun with the canoe this last few weeks. This pic was taken last night on the river South Esk between a wee town called Brechin, and the Bridge of Dun close to the Montrose Basin. There had been a lot of rain so the water was very high and fast. Very difficult to get decent pics on a canoe trip because no-one is very keen to bring camera's or cellphones in case they get wet. This part of the river has quite a few rapids and wiers, and also lots of hairpins and islands.

Great fun....

Tuesday, 9 June 2009


I finished the chicken coop/henhouse a week past Sunday and on the Monday, Sandra and I went to see a breeder to buy some point of lay hens.

These are called Light Sussex and cost just £10 each. They were much bigger than we expected, and have been laying 4-6 eggs per day between them. The eggs mostly have two yolks of a very deep orange colour and taste great. I have'nt let them out yet but over the next few weekends I'll let them out for a short while in the evening to see if they are happy to come back when it gets dark. Watch this space.............