Wednesday, 28 May 2008


After having to water the veg every day for about a month, we finally had rain yesterday. Nothing better for your veggy plot than a good days rain.

These are my tomato plants. We had a good crop last year and expect even better this year.
The chilli's are finally starting to show themselves as are the Pac Choi and mustard greens.

This weekend I'll be processing logs and stacking them to dry for next winter.

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Italy and an update on the veg plot.

Everyone does this.
The Colloseum.
Pizza and cappuchino.
Vatican church.
Ferrari dealer.

Got back from our wee coach tour break in Italy on Wedensday. We started from Calais in northern France, travelling through Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Germany and an overnight stop in Switzerland to get there. That was a long day. First night in Italy was spent at Pisa, including a excursion to the Leaning Tower. Second and third nights were spent near Florence. We never took the optional excursion there, deciding to explore the place by ourselves.

Next day we took the excursion to Roma and the Vatican, very nice but very expensive. 5th night was spent at a resort called, Lido de Jessolo just outside Venice. Venice was nice but again very expensive for ordinary working people like ourselves. The last day in Italy we spent at Lake Garda, then onwards to Austria where we spent our last night.

All in all a very hectic holiday, not very relaxing but a great way to see the highlights of a country in a very short time.

Once I work out how to extract pic files from my phone I will post some pics.....

I cant believe the difference in just eight days. Everything seems to have doubled in size due to the warm weather here while we were away. Temps were averaging low 20's.

Should have some nice strawberies in a few weeks.

Garlic doing well. Shallots doing well.Cabbage, cauliflower, beans and brocolli.Japanese red onions, French white and red.

Its all going rather well with no disease or pests as yet.

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Rainbows, and a wee update on the veggie plot.

Heavy rain on Wedensday evening was preceded by this awesome double rainbow. Not too sure if summer has arrived yet or not because its still a wee bit cold in the mornings and during the night.

Not to worry as Sandra and I are off to Italy for a short break on Tuesday.

Heres an update on the veggy plot. Lots of rain and sunshine and we should be eating our own produce by June. Might have a few chickens by then.