Saturday, 11 October 2008

New Job.

I was working as a Facilities Maintenance Helper
with Halliburton Esk Facility at Montrose.
A vacancy came up for a Associate Materials
Handling Specialist and I applied for it.
After a brief interview I was told that I had been successful.
This is one of the forktrucks I have to drive.
It takes up to 16 tonnes and can carry containers
up to 60 feet long. Its made by Toyota and is very easy to drive.
I have to climb 4 steps to get into the cab.
Perhaps I'll get one of the lads to do a short video
of me moving something huge, once I am more confident.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Its been a while.

I,m not one for pike matches but the Inverness Pike Angling Clubs annual match on Loch Oich is an exception. Very well organised and run by people with a passion for Esox Lucius.
Josh and I entered last year on a day when it was very difficult to catch a pike. The sun was bright, the sky clear, and not so much as a puff of wind.
Maybe this year will be different.