Thursday, 19 June 2008

Highland Pike.

Took this pic of the veggy plot this morning. Looking good.

This weekend I'm meeting up with my old mate Barry and his son and we're off to Loch Oich for an overnighter. Hope to catch something this time as the last two sessions up there have been hangovers and not much more.

Today, (Friday) I'm splitting this wee pile of beech logs, about 300kg or 1/3 of a ton. Very green, with lots of gnarly bits inside so it will take a while.

The greenhouse this morning. Tomatoes are now over 5 ft tall and growing noticably by the day. Once I start to see small fruits I will have to start cutting back some of the branches. This allows more goodness to go to the fruit. There are now some buds on the peppers and chilli's, and lots of baby cucumbers.

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