Monday, 16 July 2007

Huge cauliflowers and terrorist attacks.

What a difference in just five weeks or so. Everything seems to be just bursting out of the ground. This is probably because it has rained almost every day for about 6 weeks.
Must buy one of those chest freezers. Its all going to be ready to harvest soon. Happy enough with frozen veg knowing that its organic. Theres a field of peas not far from the cottage and I,m going to pay it a clandestine visit just shortly.

Josh and Ollie were at Glasgow Airport terminal with Mum and Dad when those sick racist bastards tried to blow the place up. Yes, I did say racist. Muslims are the worst racists in the world. They hate us because we are white, because we are not Muslim, because we are infidels apparently. Racists!!
Luckily none of them were injured. They eventually flew to Turkey on the following Tuesday, and got home on Saturday night. We,ll see them tonight when we visit.