Thursday, 6 September 2007

Not a good week.

Started my new job last Tuesday, settling in fine.
The job involves painting, gardening, archive sorting, general maintenance and houskeeping.
I,ve got man flu or maybe just a summer cold, so probably will stay home this weekend. Cant phone in sick I,ve only been there for two weeks.
Was supposed to be going fishing to Loch Arkaig Saturday with mates but no point if I,m feeling like a pile of pigeon droppings.
On a lighter note.
We have a great crop of courgettes one of which seems to be turning into a marrow of some kind. The carrots will have to come out soon before they start bolting. Millions of runner beans, some over a foot long, and piles of peas. There are 18 leeks of various sizes and lots of spring onions. Its been a great season with no major problems or disease.