Monday, 21 April 2008

This is as far as I intend to go with the raised beds this year. If its a success, and I think it will be, I'll build another four full size and two half size. I have planted onions, shallots, garlic, runner beans, asparagus, carrots, parsnips, swedes, Brussels sprouts and cabbage.
There is still lots of space for scallions, lettuce and salad stuff, maybe some herbs.
Biggest success is the garlic. I planted about forty cloves and most were up in a few days. There are also onions and shallots starting to burst through. Its still a wee bit cool at night but hopefully no more frost. The garden centre has six types of tomatoes so I intend to buy some this coming weekend for the greenhouse. I had to replace four panes of glass which were broken because of recent strong winds. Once the temps go into the high teens I will plant some chilli and bell peppers, cucumber and melon.

Monday, 14 April 2008

Loch Oich and more wood.

Went to Loch Oich at the weekend but the fishing was not very productive. Four of us made the 150 mile trip but only one small fish caught, a wee jack pike of about 2 lb.

When all is said and done its still a wee bit cold as yet, another few weeks and the temps should rise and the fish will start feeding again.

My grandson Josh was with us and had a wee accident during the night. He had eaten 2 Pot Noodles, a beefburger, chilli and potatoes, lots of juice and chocolate. Well, he was sharing Dougs tent, and I was sharing Craigs. At 3 am he decided that he was going to barf, but could'nt find the zip and ended up vomiting all over the tent, Doug, the sleeping bags, the jackets etc. What a goddamned mess. Doug just cleaned it up the best he could, and they went back to sleep.

Took a day off work today so I could catch up on some well needed sleep. It was nice being able to turn over and have another couple of hours.

Had a nice breakfast of free range eggs, bacon, tomato, toast and a caffetiere of espresso before going out to the workshop and servicing the Husqy's.

I've been working on another fallen tree. This one is a beech. Its not a whole tree, just two branches, but both of them are 3 feet across at the thickest point.

As you can see one of the branches is laying across the other. I managed to cut the top one on the point of balance without crushing myself between them. Very scary!!

Cant beat a day in a hardwood forest with a chainsaw. Best way in the world of getting rid of your pent up agression. More on this later in the week.