Saturday, 9 June 2007

Something eating my turnip tops.

Just moved the sweetcorn from the greenhouse to the plot.
This is Meggy our English Springer Spaniel saying"What you lookin at boy"

New fence

Chewed turnip tops

When we returned from holiday 2 weeks ago some critter had eaten all my young cabbage, cauli's and sprouts. I assumed that it was rabbits as the dog was away on holiday as well.

Yesterday I found the culprit, a male pheasant strutting around pulling chunks off my Calabresse. I dashed outside like a madman and chased the devil away. He was back within half an hour however so I decided that he would have to be shot, and of course eaten.

This morning I was ready with the air rifle, when he proudly strutted up from the forest complete with wife and six chicks.

Could'nt shoot him now could I?

So I went to see my farmhand buddy up the road a wee bit and he gave me some temporary fencing materials.

If this doesnt do the trick I,ll have to kill him, chicks or no chicks.

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