Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Flaming June?

What the hell happened to global warming?
Its the middle of June and really, summer has'nt started yet.
Its wet, windy and cold outside about 8c.
Still, the veggies are coming on strong.
I have turnips, onions, shallots, and Swiss Chard etc all bursting out of the ground. Might make some soup tomorrow to warm us up.
Thinking about building a henhouse and buying some point of lay chickens. We never buy anything other than free range anyway so might as well get em for free.

This is Olliver, our youngest grandson, he's just six months old. Is'nt he just as cute as a button?
He stayed wth us at the weekend along with his big bro Josh (Jock) we call him.
Jock and I went fishing the local pond but I spent most of the afternoon sorting out his tangles.
Nive to have them, just as nice to send them home lol

I,m off to sit by the fire and watch a movie. Its "The Sheltering Sky" with John Malkovitch and Debra Winger. Its a wee bit arty farty but I'm in that kind of a mood. Might have a glass or 3-4 of Cote du Rhone.

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