Saturday, 9 June 2007

The Bridge at Millau and the Pont Du Gard

This is the Pont Du Gard in Provence. The initial bridge must have been very well built because through the centuries they built another two on top of it. The Romans of course, those dudes knew how to build.

Bridge in the sky and my Peugeot 307 estate.

We had a holiday in Provence last year. Stayed at a place called Rochefort du Gard for one week out of two. Real nice peacefull relaxing holiday. While we were there we went to see the above mentioned bridges. I have a special interest in bridges as I worked as a painter for 15 years on the Tay and Forth railway bridges here in Scotland.

The ribbon of steel which forms the highway in the sky is 270m (885ft) above the river, but the central pillar is 343m (1125ft) high. [quote] from the offical website.

We also visited Italy staying a night in Torino and 3 nights in Arenzano just north of Gerona. I had the same dinner every night. Pizza Capricciosa, side salad and several bottles of Moretti beer. Italian men tend to spend a couple of hours over a beer and were quite shocked at me having one every 15 minutes or so :-0


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