Friday, 8 June 2007

Rosslin chapel

After reading the Da Vinci Code and watching the film we went to see the wee kirk at the village of Roslin near Edinburgh. If you,re interested in architecture this is the building for you. I,ve never saw carvings and detail like it, not even in the South of France.

Unfortunately its under a huge canopy just now as the outer structure (sandstone) has been absorbing water. Back in the 50's some conservation group painted the inside with a waterproof paint to stop the water permeating through and dripping on the pulpit etc.

This led to the water being held in the stone and made the problem worse.

I could have told them that would happen!!
No point in me rambling on about it though as all the experts info is on the web. Its a lovely building with a lot of history.
Rosslin is just about 2 miles from Ikea so dropped in there on the way home for Swedish meatballs and coffee. Then as usual Sandra dragged me around the place and spent a fortune.

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