Friday, 1 May 2009

Sunsets, Rainbows and Chickens.

I've been on holiday this week. Not for a rest but
to catch up on some projects, mainly the chicken
run. I started on the Wedensday by digging eight
eighteen inch deep holes. I then put in the posts with
concrete which I hand batched myself. Thursday
the concrete had set so I set about building the
compound. This has to be tight to the floor to keep
foxes and badgers out.

At this point I have hung the gate, and built the
three sides up with chicken wire. Still have to work
out how to do the front. I intend to have a double
stable type door and another mesh panel. I'll need
to resite the smoker. I'll need to start using the smoker.
Too much work and no play makes Jack
a dull boy.

Nice sunset from my front garden.

Looking out back and there was this nice part


Finally some leaves appearing on the beech trees.

Its going to be a good summer of hard work and hard play.

1 comment:

His Girl Friday said...

My but you are industrious!!! :D

looks good! (and the canoe trailer bit too!)

Or is it a plot by your Mrs to keep you from getting underfoot!! ;D
(you can tell her I said howdy!)