Thursday, 30 April 2009

Canoe trailer project.

Myself and a few guys from the Paisley Pikers
Fishing Club have purchased Canadian Canoes
this year. The are many rivers in Scotland
suitable for open canoes and we will be doing
a few expeditions this summer through until
autumn and beyond. To do a river its a good
idea to have a trailer capable of carrying a
load of camping/fishing gear and anything up
to 6 canoes. I got this for the taking away.
Its an old caravan chassis, and formerly was
a towable holiday home for a family of four.

Not much to look at but great potential.

Here I have welded angled mild steel sections
to beef up the frame and give us some storage
space. A good mate gave it the treatment with
a wire brush and grinder.

Typically I give it a couple of coats of paint and
on comes the rain, but it was almost dry anyway
so no harm done.

Here I've made a start to timbering the floor and
sides, and fitted a replacement hitch as the other
one was beyond repair.
With a little help from friends I built the canoe
frame. It will take five sixteen foot canoes and
a whole lot of camping and fishing gear. Room for
another canoe on my roof rails if need be, and
more stowage space in the back of my estate car.
Cheers for now.

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