Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Canadian Canoe.

Inspired by Mungo's canoe trip into the wilderness
last year I decided to see what it's like for myself.
Sandra bought this for me as a Christmas present.
It's a wee bit too cold just now and some of the lochs
are still frozen, but if its not too windy I will definitely
try it out this weekend.
Have to practice my J stroke....I'll report back;-)


His Girl Friday said...

have you gone for a long paddle? You must be well onto the other side of the loch by now... ;)

Gordon Mills said...

Hi HGF. Just been doing a similar thing to you, taking a break. I have'nt had the canoe out as yet, still winter here, snowing right now in fact. The next few weeks should see the leaves on the trees, and the temperature rising.
Soon be time to get the veggy plot planted out.