Monday, 25 August 2008

Harvest time.

We have 7,000,000 tomatoes in the greehouse.
Yellow ones on the left and red on the right.
Its been a long wait as these are mainly continental
varieties that need lots of sunshine and warmth.
The weather here in Scotland this summer has been
cold, wet and windy with occasional sunny intervals.

Harvested all of the onions, garlic and shallots yesterday.

Have to leave them in the potting shed to dry for a few days then I'll

string them together and hang them up for use over the winter.

The garlic was an unexpected success because I did not expect

it to do well in our cool climate.

These are my runner or string beans.

They are almost eight feet high and producing lots of pods now.

I'll freeze a few pounds of them for use over the winter.

To the left are twelve Brussels Sprout plants. Most have a few small sprouts

so I'll harvest a few pounds of them also for the freezer.

Christmas dinner would'nt be the same without sprouts.

A good crop of leeks this year. I'll leave them in over winter

and just use them as required. The bushy stuff is Florence Fennel.

Tastes a bit like aniseed and I'm not convinced that I like it very much so might

not bother with it next year.

Another mutant courgette has invaded the greenhouse.

I gave the last one to the Sultan, a Turkish restaurant

in Forfar. It was aprox 18 inches long and was pressing

against the greenhouse glass, so I had to cut it.

The Brechin Horticultural Society are having a flower and veg show

in the next week or so, so I might exhibit some of my produce.


Mungo Says Bah! said...

Good lord - that's one heck of a garden. I have a potato patch about 2 foot deep and 5 foot long. I can reach over the fence and nick some of my neighbour's tomatoes though.



Gordon Mills said...

Thanks for the compliment Mungo.
It can be hard work at times but well worth the effort.

His Girl Friday said...

Hi Gordon,

Great garden! You have my respect there...that's a lot of hard work!

I've only managed planting an apricot tree this year.