Sunday, 3 August 2008

Harvest time again, and a hot dog.

Its scorchingly hot here today, in between some very heavy showers of rain. Meg is sheltering under a bush from the sun, but still steaming. There is plenty of water for her to drink nearby.
She had a blockage the other day and had to go to the vet. Meg has a tendancy to swallow stones and they sometimes get lodged in the small intestine. The vet has told us to muzzle her but I'm not keen to o this. A muzzled dog is stigmatised as a biter, and also has no protection against attack from another dog. The operations cost about £450-£600 a time and this would have been her third and last time under the knife. Vets will not do bowel sugery on a dog more than three times, so next time may be her last.

These are my peppers. A mix of chili and capsicum. Should have plenty by September.

Courgettes (zuchini) and cucumbers.

Squillions of toms. Aparently, when the weather gets too cold for them you can wrap them in newspaper and put them in a cool dark place to ripen.

Broad beans are nice in just about any savoury dish, and also make a nice humous.

Brussels sprouts are just starting to form on the stalks of these plants. Should be ready about November. I'll leave them out over the winter as they slow right down in cold weather. And we are guaranteed cold weather here.

Some interesting veg here. The bushy stuff is Florence Fennel. These will be ready in the next couple of weeks so must try to find some recipe ideas. The curly brassica is Kale, a vegetable well suited to Scotlands climate. This is a old fashioned vegetable from the golden days before fridges and canned veg. 100 years ago most homes in the UK would have grown some kale as it would be the only green veg available after December. Use it in soups and broth.

Swedes here, soup would'nt be the same without Swede.

Heres another pic of kale in its early stage. I reckon you could plant this in gravel and it would flourish.

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