Thursday, 23 August 2007

One of the sweetcorn plants has a cob, its only 2 inches long but promising. There are a few runner beans at eating size so might have them in the next few days. Next year I will grow dwarf French beans
Summer has finally started with temps of 23-25 the last few days. The combine harvesters are out in force making hay while the sun shines and the crops are dry. Unfortunately this brings out the corn lice, not quite as bad as midges or mosquito's but nasty just the same.

I,m not going to use pots in the greenhouse next year. I,m going to get a bricklayer to build me three troughs in there with concrete block. Over the winter I,ll try hotbedding with cowdung at the base and compost/earth above. I believe you can grow pineapples etc in this way. Had a delay starting my new job at Halliburtons but finally got a start date of 28th August.
The job title is Facilities Mainainence Helper. This involves assisting tradesmen, painting, general housekeeping and unblocking shithouses. Dirty job at times but someone has to do it.
Going fishing with a buddy this weekend to Loch Oich. This is the time of year when the big pike and trout are on the prowl looking to fatten themselves up for the winter spawning.
I,ll report back.

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micky jones said...

nice blog gordon,good job mate.
regards micky jones