Saturday, 11 August 2007


continuous callabresse

Calabresse, sweetcorn and runner beans.

Peeping cauliflowers.

leeks and swedes

Please ignore the dates on pic as I cant be bothered adjusting time/date etc.

Mulching is the way to go. All my grass cuttings go in between the vegetables. This feeds the plant, the worms, and holds back the weeds. Compost as you go.
Dont think the sweetcorn will come to much as it went in late but you ever know, might get one of those Indian summers.

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Thought I'd comment as you're obviously concerned that nobody reads it. Well I've enjoyed reading your blog. Why don't you put a hit counter on the page to record how many people read it? You could also mention your blog more when you post places, put a link in a footer or something. I suppose there are people out there who just browse blogs but I certainly ain't one of them. I picked your link up from River Cottage.