Sunday, 20 May 2012


Kelline said...

Great job! You will be painting or varnishing it? Posts? Railings? Being able to create something with our hands like this tends to give such a sense of worth and accomplishment. Not to mention, for people like us with depression and anxiety, it really helps to sort things out and cope. I always find that when I create (nothing quite as elaborate, naturally) I feel like I'm somewhere different. A place of peace and strength where I can calm down and just do. Hope the kids and wife are good. All is well here. See you in the next post.

Gordon Mills said...

Hi Kelline, it's not quite finished. I'm going to build a step all the way round it but not too bothered about railings. I'll give it a couple of coats of woodstain to colour, and maybe three coats of clear varnish. It's a job I'm doing for my son by the way, and the first of two. The next one will be much bigger with rails.
Yeah we're fine here, summer's started with temps in the high 80's f. Good to read that all is well with you :-)