Saturday, 1 November 2008

Loch Oich last weekend.

The Inverness Open Pike Competition.
Thirty Five brave souls stuck it out for eight hours of four seasons in one day. None of my group of seven caught a fish but we had a good day, and a nice outdoor lunch. In between the storms there were some spectacular rainbows.
Out of the 35 anglers only 5 fish were caught. Tournament was won by a catch of 2 fish for a weight of less than 10 pounds.
There's always next year........


His Girl Friday said...

Nice pics.
My hubby would have had some fun with this. We're up in the Calif. Sierras a lot, trying to win the money prize fish; well, and having fun being up in the mountains fishing by the lakes.

Sorry the day wasn't more "profitable". :)

(please don't chuckle too loudly in my direction, but how do you pronounce 'Oich'?)

Gordon Mills said...

Good luck with the fishing!
How to pronounce Oich?
Sort of like oi with a ch on the end but the ch is sounded like you are trying to remove a hair from the back of your throat ;-)sorry but you did ask lol.....

His Girl Friday said...

Hi Gordon,

ah, I do know that Scottish 'ch'! ;)

I suppose it's the 'oi' that's got me, or should I say doesn't got's the combined vowels...oi. I just don't remember all the pronunciations.

my American southern would say awl, for oil. Then there's the Yankee oi in oink, or the frenchie's moi from language class....gee, I suppose when we're next in Scotland, maybe I should just ask the tour guide, 'take us to the lake with the fish in it!' ;D

but at least I can answer, when questioned: "furry boots?" :)