Sunday, 16 March 2008

A new start to the Brown Trout season.

This usually means the start of the trolling season for the serious sporting angler. Next week I,m off to Loch Oich to do some fishing with a few buddies. We intend to do some trolling of dead baits and lures for pike or ferox trout for a few hours on the Saturday, and camp overnight with static deadbaits out till bed time. This will include a barbecue and blowing the froth off a few cold ones. At first light I,ll have the dead baits out before even putting the kettle on. I,ll report back with some pics, hopefully of big fish, but failing that some pics of the loch and surrounding scenery.


Mungo said...

Oooh sounds like a terrific outing! Will you be bringing a tent? Trout on a BBQ would be delicious...



Gordon said...

Hi Mungo, one of the lads is a butcher and he has promised to bring some Aberdeen Angus sirloin steaks, and I also have a few pigeon breasts in the freezer that we will have as an entre,
so the trout will live to fight another day, if we catch any that is. I,ll report back;-)