Monday, 5 November 2007

Another big fish.

Still cant believe it but it happened. Had a day off work today so decided to have a few hours pike fishing. First of the day was this pristine female pike of 20lbs 2oz. Thats 2 20's in 2 weeks. This one was followed by anther 12 fish weighing between 2 and 14lbs. All fish carefully landed, unhooked and returned.
Tried a method I have'nt used for quite a long time called wobbling. This is essentially making a dead fish look like a sick or dieing fish. You set the bait on a wire trace with a wee bit of lead, cast it out and twitch it back ever so slowly. Deadly!!

Started painting the exterior of the cottage at the weekend. It will need 2 coats. Next visit I,ll put before and after pics.

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