Thursday 10 July 2008

Big fish and blue green algea.

Not the best pic ever but a nice female pike of 23lb.08oz. She took a float fished brown trout, slowly retrieved 4 feet beneath a large float in 12 feet of water, charging around for a full 10 minutes before being netted by Josh.

An hour and a half later I hooked into this fine specimen of exactly 20lbs using the same method but lamprey for bait this time. This one did'nt put up such a spirited fight and I was surprised at the size of this fish when Josh slipped the net under her.

This is a pic of the bigger fish a few minutes after release. She just lay and sulked for a few minutes before swimming off.
No blue green algea this year so far, and the water is very clear. I think the cold summer last year may have had a adverse affect on it. Its been cold, wet and windy here the last few days but; Sandra and I are off to the Cumbrian Lakes for a week this Saturday, hopefully the weather 300 miles south of here will be a wee bit better. Might even catch a big pike, who knows?


Mungo said...

Wow, those are BIG pike... do you prepare and then eat them, having caught them?

Hope you enjoy your trip,



Gordon Mills said...

Hi Mungo.
Most Scots anglers only fish for sport. Its such a small country, and fishing is so popular that if we all killed and ate our catch there would be no fish.
Most piscavores here eat farmed rainbow trout and salmon, or cod and haddock etc from the sea.
You're so lucky to be living in a country that has probably a million fish per capita.
Cheers, Gordon.